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Hillside School, Hyderabad is one of the best schools in Hyderabad offering a choice of IB syllabus (Nursery to grade V) and CBSE syllabus (grades I to X). We look at inculcating the habit of learning to think beyond the classroom walls, beyond the content in the textbooks and beyond the results in exams. The child is taught to think out of the box, not just for his year of study but for life. Right through the school years, there is an integrated learning process involving use of ICT in the classroom for a better understanding of art, movement and visual images.

Here's what sets us apart

The over-all progress of the children is our ultimate goal. The teachers are trained to identify the individual skills of students and work accordingly to ensure a thorough understanding of concepts taught at school. Periodical assignments, activity sheets, practise sheets and skill builder sheets are regularly handed out to gauge the performance of the students.

The role of ICT

ICT refers to the use of Information and Communication Technologies in education. Our classrooms are equipped with modern visual devices to ensure the child has a 360* learning experience. With the use of 3D animation and other cognitive methods, the teacher ensures a seamless concept delivery to the children.

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